Match Rifle

Match rifle shooting uses a .308W cartridge. Hand loading of ammunition is allowed and recommended. Telescopic sights or any other sight system that you would like (e.g. eagle eye) is permitted..

Any shooting position is permitted (including the supine) however  the rifle must not contact the ground or anything other than your body. The front hand or forearm is allowed to be supported. This hand  rest must not touch the rifle and the rifle butt may not contact the ground.

In Australia all Match Rifle shooting is conducted under the National Rifle Association of Australia’s Standard Shooting Rules ( in other countries consult the relevant national rifle association rules). Shooters should familiarize themselves with the relevant rules and requirements before commencing shooting.

Licensing & Membership Requirements

¨ Current Shooting License

¨ In Australia you require current membership of Target Shooting Club registered with relevant State Rifle Association . If shooting outside of your home State you will also need  National Rifle Association Australia Membership.

¨ In UK or other countries contact your National Rifle Association.


If you are an existing target rifle shooter you can easily start in match rifle. All you need to get started is a rifle suitable for target rifle shooting with 1 in 13 twist barrel and an elevation rise of at least 15 minutes above your 1,000 yard elevation in order to shoot back to 1200 yards. If you don’t have this elevation rise in your rear sight, and you have an elevation adjustable front sight, you can use this in conjunction with your rear sight elevation to achieve the equivalent. If you  are mounting a telescopic sight on the rifle, you will probably need to have a scope base machined up with a taper in the scope base to achieve the required elevation

Generally match rifle shooters use a faster twist barrel e.g. 1 in 10.

The weight of the barrel must not exceed 2.5Kg.

For examples of the equipment some Match Rifle shooters are using Click Here


With a 1 in 13 twist barrel you probably need to limit yourself to 175grain projectiles. If you have a faster twist barrel you could go to heavier projectiles e.g. 1 in 12 twist barrel you could use up to 190 grain projectiles. A 1 in 10 twist barrel allows a much wider range of projectiles to use. Many shooters with this type of barrel are using projectiles ranging from 180 to 210 grains.

Any brand of projectile is permitted.

Most match rifle shooters hand-load their ammunition to their specific rifle and bullet weight. There is a wide choice of powders available and the rules permit any powder type provided it is not loaded to produce excessive pressures.

Reloading tips by Lew Horwood


If shooting in the prone position, a rest to support the forearm or forward hand is generally used. The make and type of this rest is up to the individual shooters and home-based inventions predominate.


A shooting jacket as in target rifle shooting is generally used.

Hearing protection must be used at all times when on the mound or in the vicinity of the mounds.

Wet weather gear is recommended (especially for UK shooters!)


All shoots are controlled by a range officer but everyone on the range is responsible for safety on the range in accordance with the Standard Shooting Rules. 

The bolt must be removed from the rifle at all times other than when actually on the firing mound. In the UK a chamber flag may be used in lieu of removal of the bolt to indicate the breech is empty.

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