Long Range F Class (Open) Shooting

Generally Long Range F Class is shot with a rifle suitable for shooting F Class Open competitions. Any calibre rifle for which that range is licensed may be used. 

F Class Shooter

In F Class rests may be used both at the front and rear of the rifle. Some shooters use a bipod at the front with the butt resting on a sandbag. As with Match Rifle the choice and inventiveness of rests abounds.

In Australia all F Class Rifle shooting is conducted under the National Rifle Association of Australia’s Standard Shooting Rules ( in other countries consult the relevant national rifle association rules). Shooters should familiarize themselves with the relevant rules and requirements before commencing shooting

For more about F Class shooting in general

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Licensing & Membership Requirements

¨ Current Shooting License

¨ In Australia you require current membership of Target Shooting Club registered with relevant State Rifle Association . If shooting outside of your home State you will also need  National Rifle Association Australia Membership.

¨ In UK or other countries contact your National Rifle Association.


All shoots are controlled by a range officer but everyone on the range is responsible for safety on the range in accordance with the Standard Shooting Rules. 

The bolt must be removed from the rifle at all times other than when actually on the firing mound. In the UK a chamber flag may be used in lieu of removal of the bolt to indicate the breech is empty.